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Boris Hars-Tschachotin is an award winning filmmaker, producer, installation artist, author and founder of Liquid Blues Production. He just completed an original TV series concept, full treatment and eight forty-five minute episode outlines, entitled ÉCLAIR. His feature script SONGS OF SILENCE, an original story, was funded by FFA and was one of the Featured Projects of IFF Toronto Film Festival. His films have been selected at over 60 international festivals and been acquired by many broadcasters. In 2014 he curated the exhibition: Bigger Than Life: Ken Adam’s Film Design for the German Film Museum, Berlin. He holds a PhD in art history. He was a 2009/10 fellow at the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. Boris' work is authentic, expressive and deeply felt, always driven by a powerful visual language, rendered with a mastery of detail. It draws its narrative strength from a particular process of observation, be it in the field of human behavior, science or nature. The desire to construct these narratives developed at an early age from an interest in photography and film. Today Boris loves crossing the border between art and science, challenging the ways documentary and fictional stories are told. While earning his master’s degree (and later a PhD) in Art History, Philosophy, and Film History at Humboldt-University, he became a feature film location scout. At Studio Babelsberg he met and worked with Jean -Jacques Annaud, lstván Szabó, Richard Donner, Tom Cruise, Wim Wenders or Volker Schlöndorff – „listening,“ as he says, “learning, and becoming ever more inspired.“ As a result, his own work expresses strong emotions, fashioned within simple and compelling atmospheric worlds.

7 THINGS (experimental film, in postproduction, 2017) THIS IS THE WAR ROOM! (2017 - short documentary) SCH SCH III. KONGRESS (2016 - documentary) Boris 2011 - short experimental) SERGEJ IN THE URN (2009 - debut feature documentary) CALLING BILL (short fiction film 2007) MUTTERSEELENALLEIN (feature fiction film, dir. Robert Schuster, co-producer 2004) LURCH (2001 - short fiction film)


Boris Hars-Tschachotin, Lady Letizia Adam, Sir Ken Adam on Set
copyright by Andreas Michael Velten